Monday, March 17, 2014

Pizza Orgazmica Embarcadero

Anyone who's been to San Francisco and eaten has prolly heard of, or been told they must have Pizza Orgazmica. Their a small chain around who are famous for their pizza and as of recently their own beer. So today's review is for the shop in the Embarcadero Center.

I lucked out and got a lunch special. A jumbo slice, salad, and beverage for $7. Not to shabby. They had a bunch of assorted slices up, but for science and comparison, I went with an old standby, pepperoni and olive. The crust is well flavored, and not to salty, plenty of cheese and toppings, over a very good slice! The one thing was the crust was a little tough, so ill have to go back and see if this is a policy or just a dough batch! So not extraordinary, but worth a trip. Don't let it get over hyped for ya. 

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