Monday, June 16, 2014

Mountain Mikes- The Everest

 Mountain Mikes, I haven't eaten at one in years. To be fair, Im not sure their around the bay area really, but my Handsome Man and I were in the neighborhood of San Mateo and I declared this is what we were eating. Mikes is California style pizza, like Straw Hat, and Round Table.This means a pan pizza, so spongy crust, and toppings all the way to the edge. this is the pizza i grew up on. the pizza i truly crave in my soul...

So here is the Everest. Its essentially a combo, with pepperoni, linguica, sausage, ground beef, mushrooms, olives, green peppers, onions, and prolly more. The bottom was crisp and light, with appropriate cheese and that lovely spiced sauce. Just looking at the pictures of this post is making my hungry. Over all, a childhood favorite, so go eat some. NOW. Even if you have to get on a plane.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Princess Cruises Pizza

So while on Cruise in Alaska (I am not over this yet :3 ) there was a pizzeria on board, with two hard working guys who stand there for 14 hours a day watching fat tourists getting fatter... Including me. Anywho, the pizza was actually pretty good! I started with the Princess Pepperoni, crispy, tasty and delightful. Everyday they had a special... And I was strong and didnt eat it everyday. Just most of them. 

Red peppers, tomatoes

 Fontina and ham, Buffalo mozzarella and fontina

Glacier special 

Artichoke hearts, green pepper, and red pepper

Pizzeria Roma- Juneau Alaska

 So for those who follow my main blog, you may know that I just got back from Alaska! And what did I do in Alaska other then watch whales and shoot Bald Eagles with Canons? (cameras that is) Well, I ate a metric ton of pizza. So first up we have Pizzeria Roma, a lovely little place right on the pier. The day we ate here I was a little under the weather, but on the mend.

We started our meal off with some brews from Alaskan Brewing, which is right up the road from here. I had the White, and Handsome Gentleman Friend had their Amber. mmmmm Beer.... I just have to say that beer thats as close to the source as possible, is as good as it gets. your local brewery will be the best beer youve ever had in your life. I promise. We ordered the BBQ chicken pizza, which is a delightful meal with BBQ sauce instead of red sauce, a thin and crispy crust and awesome toppings. As you can see from my picture, chucks of chicken, red onions and green bell peppers are the stars here. Over all, eat here. After getting off a cruise ship and seeing whales and glaciers.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Giorgio's- Inner Richmond

Yesterday, as in I'm actually doing a timely updat and the day before the date of this lovely post, Handsome Gentleman Friend and I went to Giorgios! It's a lovely little place in the inner Richmond district of SF. Poor GF was feeling ill so we grabbed some slices to go, and headed back to his place for a movie marathon.

The slices are huge here, as in we needed a XL box for 4. Here I got the pepperoni (with 5 kinds of pepperoni) and I had them add some jalepeno for a kick. The crust is nice and thin, with enough strength to hold up the monster size of the thing. It has decent flavor as well. The sauce is good, and excellent cheese. As for the 5 kinds of pepperoni... I couldn't tell... But it was all a little spicy and not overly salty. Over all an excellent slice! I recommend! And at $3.50 for essentially a meal who can refuse?