Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Jupiter is a bar, brewery and retreat in Berkeley, right downtown. I have been hearing about them or months now, especially the pizza and brews! So we went over for a treat.

We ordered the Eutropia. It involved fennel sausage, pepperoni, veggies and some meat. I forget a little as it was a few days ago. We also ordered a honey hefe and a quasar, aka their red and some beer and cheese fondue. The beers were delightful. Full bodied an flavorful. The fondue showed up next and was Swiss based which was surprising to me, but very good as well! With sourdough and fucacha breads. Last the pizza arrived.

The shape was "rustic". Honestly looked like a new chef in the kitchen. Besides its look the taste was quite nice. The crust was flavorful and crisp, and the toppings were tasty and well balanced. Sadly the sauce tasted like chef boyardi... To bad! Over all I would order pizza here again, but the beers are the stars 

Subway Pizza?

Say what?? Subway has launched Flatizza's... It's a flatbread pizza (I could argue all pizzas are on flat bread but this is starting to feel to philosophical for this blog) with all the subway fixings. Well, not all. I ordered 2, at $2.50 each or 2 for $5.... Their lingo... I figured what the heck. I got the Spicy Italian and a Pepperoni. To my disappointment, the spicy italian was just 2 pieces of salami and 3 pieces of pepperoni and sauce and cheese... Pepperoni was 4 slices of pepperoni. They guy made themreally quickly   which was nice, and thy come hot out of the toaster. Also the flatbread wasn't frozen but fresh which is refreshing pardon my pun. Over all t the price I can't complain, they were better then I thought they would be. And 6" by 6". But over the taste was lacking and the stinginess with the toppings made my face sad. So a good deal and ok but honestly for cheap pizza I would go to 7-11... Scary eh? And not gunna lie, the yoga Matt chemicals in their doughs make me nervous.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Uncle Vitos Revisited

Hello all! The first time I was at Uncle Vito's Pizza I was less impressed with the pizza then other places around. The handsome man of man had some friends in town who reaaaally wanted to try it so we went back.

This time was a much better pizza! I think it's that the first time I ha a personal and those have to much dough. This time we got a large and it was delightful. We got half Red Eye- red bell pepper, pepperoni and red onion. And half pepperoni. It was wonderful!! Get it! Just not a personal. 


This weekend Handsome and I hit up Nizarios on Geary. After getting Uncle Vito's just a few days ago for a second try (review to come, blogger keeps eating it), you'd think we'd be tired of pizza- NAY! We agreed we can both eat pizza like 3 days a week. Anywho, it was the first real rain we'd had in months, and while refreshing, I was freeeeezing as we walked into the shop. They had just opened, so we waited a bit for our slices but well worth it!!

Regular combo and hawaiian for me!!

Special combo an California chicken pesto for him! 

This is a deeeelightful pizza. Crispy thicker crush, I guess a California style, which hold up all the toppings nicely.  The pesto was drizzled on top of a red sauce pizza and gives a wonderful flavor profile. The regular combo is close to my favorite, with pepperoni, salami and mushrooms. We will be back!!