Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Del Popolo

Del Popolo is a food truck here in San Francisco. We greeted it with open arms at one of the Off the Grid events, where the food trucks line up and charge extra to drunken patrons. We walked up, with no line to be seen. We waited for the women in the purple jacket shown to help us... and we waited. She looked at myself and Handsome, who is you dont know is 6'8" and hard to miss and went back it.. staring at her shoes? She hollard a name, and no one came forward. So she looked around, pointed at a gentleman and said "You had a combo right? here, take this one, Im tired of waitin" and went back to... staring at her shoes? the chefs were working away. A woman came up and said she heard her name, and the gal in purple said "Your to late, itll be 10 minutes" and still hadnt even said hi to us. I said to handsome very loudly "Well their to busy for us, should we look for something else?" When she turned to us saying "What do you want?" To order pizza. But handsome did the order knowing i was about ready to slap her, We stood by the truck while she managed to skip around the line because she didnt want to wait... and finally got our pizza.

We got the $14 combo, then added the $2 pork salami.2 of which blew off int he wind and across the grass almost immediately. BUT, this was a damned good pizza.

Del Popolo chefs know what their doing. the crust is fluffy and crisp, the meats are flavorful and fresh, real mozzarella and basil. I dont know if it was $16 worth of pizza as you can see based on Handsomes thumb there it was pretty small, but very tasty. Also the Cashier was one of the worst cashiers I have seen in a long time. shame on you maam, it wasnt even busy. I have worked retail and customer service for 14+ years and even if your job sucks you dont take it out on people who are trying to give you money. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Avalinos Revisited

If you have read the other posts, Cafe Avalinos used to be the best slice I just about ever had, and it was consistent. But the owner sold the place, and the new guys just didnt care. They changed the dough, the sauce, and on two occasions they were to drunk to properly cook a pizza and I recieved poor service and burnt sadness.

We were walking by and saw one of the old cooks behind the counter. therefor we were willing to give them a try once more. We were met with some joy! Its not what it was, but the pizza is much much better. The sauce is well seasoned and the crust actually has flavor. Most importantly the pizza wasnt burnt.

They have gotten rid of the beer, and most of the pizza options in favor of salads and bagels. and I wont go in again without an old cook behind the counter, but good to know theres a good slice walking distance from Handsomes House

Monday, June 1, 2015

Costco Whole Pizza

So if you are a Costco member you know about their lovely cheap pizza. If not, they have lovely cheap pizza. This giant beast we were able to pick up for $9.99. Giant ass pizza for under $10.This is the combo, but they also have a vegi, cheese, and pepperoni.

Our order took longer then I have had to wait ever, Usually they are very on top of it, but this time we waited about 1/2 hour, which isnt so bad for a pizza but it usually takes 10 minutes and your just standing in a warehouse holding frozen strawberries staring at a frustrated underpaid worker. But then we got it home.

This is a darn good pizza. Its not worlds best, but It is much better then you think it will be. The sauce is flavorful and tomatoey. The meats are well spiced and not to greasy, vegis properly cooked.The crust has a good crunch to it and is fluffy so its thickness isnt an issue.

Did i mention their is a TON of it? Ya. so much pizza goodness.