Thursday, July 17, 2014

Little Star :( sigh

I have to preface this post with I REAAAALLY have been wanting to eat here. Reaallllllyyy badly... Little Star gets great reviews everywhere, write ups in national columns, the whole nine yards. Maybe I over built it?

At any rate, their service SUCKS. Gentleman Friend and I went there to meet up with friends from SacTown, and it seemed like a great excuse to check out this place I've heard so much about. GF and I arrived first to find friends were caught in traffic, no worries. We went in to save a table, in the empty restaurant, and were seated promptly. You have to ask for water, they say because of the draught, but I'm pretty sure it's to help the bar tenders out. Our friends arrived shortly, and we places our orders (about 3:40) and had some drinks. The place started to fill up with after World Cup drunks, and one group was insanely loud... As in I could and did scream and was barely heard over them. Ok, this is THAT place. Well our pizzas didnt come till 4:30, and no mention from our server except if we wanted more drinks. Oh, so we got 2 small pizzas, a deep dish and a thin crust, and 3 tables sat after us got their pizzas first. :/ boo. Well, the pizza was meh.. I mean it's ok, but I was starving by then and it was still alright...

 Sorry no deep dish Picts, as it still had to wait another 10 mins, and by then I was just trying to hear our conversation. I DO NOT recommend this one... Sadly..

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