Monday, November 11, 2013

7-11 pizza???

I forgot my lunch today in class. So at lunch I headed towards a chain sandwich shop to get a healthy but boring sandwich when I was stopped my a large sign in a window. Large Pizza for $5.55... At 7-11?!?!

Now I have to say I am not afraid of the food at quicky marts, or food trucks. So I ran in and ordered. You have a choice I triple cheese or pepperoni. Duh, meat. It only took the attendant a few minutes to prepare my prefrozen treat. It huge. 15inches across. I walked it up to my class and freaked my classmates out a little, but who cares?? I have a mountain of pizza!! It's nice and hot all the way through, no cold bits which is awesome. The crust is actually pretty tasty, and crisp without to much outer crust. Sauce is tomatoesque, and not to canned tasting, with actual 1 inch rounds of pepperoni and little cubes of meat evenly distributed. All in all I'm TOTALLY impressed and will eat this again. What a deal.  

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