Thursday, October 24, 2013

Uncle Vito's

Welcome to my pizza blog! Because I looooove pizza, and living and goin to school in the Bay Area there is tons of awesome pizza I decided I need to share. Today's post is Uncle Vito's, a little place just a shot from my classes in San Fran.

Shot from the 3rd floor

So I have walked past this place for 3 years and never stopped, until tonight. I'm here late doing hw, and decided it was a perfect time to try it out. Walking in the place is really small, but cozy and the staff greeted me immediately. 

I grabbed a to-go menu and browsed through, panicked and went for a personal pizza with two of my go-to toppings, pepperoni and pineapple. Judge, but it's a great go to. As is pepperoni pineapple and jalepeno or pepperoni mushroom an olive. But at any rate, they don't offer slices, but my 8" pizza was about $12 with tip. (9 something for 3 toppings) it was ready in about 10 minutes, while I wandered around the tight hallway looking at cool old photos of the city. 

With pizza in hand I ran up stairs to my work space and opened up my treasure. 

It's a suuuuper thin crust, almost to thin, I needed two hands to keep the toppings on. If I go back ill ask for it well done. But toppings are delightful and pineapple is crisp. Not to greasy, buttery but bland crust. But it's so thin I'm not worried. Bottom line, I would recommend this to fellow students due to its proximity, but lack of slices might make it unappealing to on the go folks. Not bad but Blondies is just down the road...

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