Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Domino's- Hand Made Pan Pizza

My first chain pizza I think! they were on sale, and that Handsome Gentleman Friend of mine Dr. Mookie Love of the blog was buying ;3 Anywho, we got a medium 5 topping for 5.99. I got to pick so I went with pepperoni, mushroom, olive, sausage and banana peppers. How was it? Honestly Im not a big fan of pan or deep dish, but this is fairly thin for a pan. the crust is much like that of a flat bread pizza but fluffier, which i enjoyed throughly. cooked right, and crispy. It was able to hold up to all the toppings, which can be tough with loads of moist things like vegi's. For a cheap pizza definently worth the price of admission- when its on sale.

On a side note, I love to add bacon to pizza, but don't get the dominos bacon.its obviosly fake tasting, with to much liquid smoke, and just salty bits of weirdness. sad but true. but the sausage and the slices sausage are nice, and some have artichokes, which i am a fan of if your going vegi...

On a side note someone get me one of these??

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