Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Russian River Brewing Company- Flatbread Bites

 Russian River Brewing Company, which we visited for brewing research (Check out Terrible Lizard Brewing for my home brew adventures) makes some of the greatest beers in the land. In fact their double IPA Pliney the Elder is considered the pinicle of double IPAs. They also are crazy busy, and as far as I can tell understaffed all of the time. So after being seated, and ordering some drinks at the bar, and finishing some drinks from the bar our server brought us a menu. We had planned on just getting the delightfully drinktastic 18 brew sampler for a mear $15, and after being told it would be another 1/2 hour, we decided food would be in order as well, which would also take about 1/2 an hour. To my delight they has an assortment of think crust pizza's on the list, and after a brief discussion (for fear our server may never return) we settled on the flat bread bites. A beer fromt he bar later our treats were delivered, and did not dissapoint! The flat bread bits Im going to call pizza.We got the pepperoni, garlic and peppercinni bites with a side of marinara. OMG. Maybe it was the beverages I partook in, perhaps the wait smelling the wonderful things in the kitchen but these little bites tasted like HEAVEN! Ok, maybe thats over kill but they were really good.

Crispy, with all of the ingrediants well cooked, not soggy at all, and there was a ton of them. the picture looks like there isnt to much food there, but thats not your usual 2 oz marinara tub, I didnt check the size but there was enough sauce and bites for me and my giant to share and be stuffed! Plus our 18 beers... Which were also amazing.

Conclusion? GO! But have a snack before... and try to go on a tuesday at noon... and wait... :3

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