Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This weekend Handsome and I hit up Nizarios on Geary. After getting Uncle Vito's just a few days ago for a second try (review to come, blogger keeps eating it), you'd think we'd be tired of pizza- NAY! We agreed we can both eat pizza like 3 days a week. Anywho, it was the first real rain we'd had in months, and while refreshing, I was freeeeezing as we walked into the shop. They had just opened, so we waited a bit for our slices but well worth it!!

Regular combo and hawaiian for me!!

Special combo an California chicken pesto for him! 

This is a deeeelightful pizza. Crispy thicker crush, I guess a California style, which hold up all the toppings nicely.  The pesto was drizzled on top of a red sauce pizza and gives a wonderful flavor profile. The regular combo is close to my favorite, with pepperoni, salami and mushrooms. We will be back!!

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