Monday, June 1, 2015

Costco Whole Pizza

So if you are a Costco member you know about their lovely cheap pizza. If not, they have lovely cheap pizza. This giant beast we were able to pick up for $9.99. Giant ass pizza for under $10.This is the combo, but they also have a vegi, cheese, and pepperoni.

Our order took longer then I have had to wait ever, Usually they are very on top of it, but this time we waited about 1/2 hour, which isnt so bad for a pizza but it usually takes 10 minutes and your just standing in a warehouse holding frozen strawberries staring at a frustrated underpaid worker. But then we got it home.

This is a darn good pizza. Its not worlds best, but It is much better then you think it will be. The sauce is flavorful and tomatoey. The meats are well spiced and not to greasy, vegis properly cooked.The crust has a good crunch to it and is fluffy so its thickness isnt an issue.

Did i mention their is a TON of it? Ya. so much pizza goodness.

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