Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Avalinos Revisited

If you have read the other posts, Cafe Avalinos used to be the best slice I just about ever had, and it was consistent. But the owner sold the place, and the new guys just didnt care. They changed the dough, the sauce, and on two occasions they were to drunk to properly cook a pizza and I recieved poor service and burnt sadness.

We were walking by and saw one of the old cooks behind the counter. therefor we were willing to give them a try once more. We were met with some joy! Its not what it was, but the pizza is much much better. The sauce is well seasoned and the crust actually has flavor. Most importantly the pizza wasnt burnt.

They have gotten rid of the beer, and most of the pizza options in favor of salads and bagels. and I wont go in again without an old cook behind the counter, but good to know theres a good slice walking distance from Handsomes House

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