Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pizzeria Roma- Juneau Alaska

 So for those who follow my main blog, you may know that I just got back from Alaska! And what did I do in Alaska other then watch whales and shoot Bald Eagles with Canons? (cameras that is) Well, I ate a metric ton of pizza. So first up we have Pizzeria Roma, a lovely little place right on the pier. The day we ate here I was a little under the weather, but on the mend.

We started our meal off with some brews from Alaskan Brewing, which is right up the road from here. I had the White, and Handsome Gentleman Friend had their Amber. mmmmm Beer.... I just have to say that beer thats as close to the source as possible, is as good as it gets. your local brewery will be the best beer youve ever had in your life. I promise. We ordered the BBQ chicken pizza, which is a delightful meal with BBQ sauce instead of red sauce, a thin and crispy crust and awesome toppings. As you can see from my picture, chucks of chicken, red onions and green bell peppers are the stars here. Over all, eat here. After getting off a cruise ship and seeing whales and glaciers.

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