Friday, June 6, 2014

Giorgio's- Inner Richmond

Yesterday, as in I'm actually doing a timely updat and the day before the date of this lovely post, Handsome Gentleman Friend and I went to Giorgios! It's a lovely little place in the inner Richmond district of SF. Poor GF was feeling ill so we grabbed some slices to go, and headed back to his place for a movie marathon.

The slices are huge here, as in we needed a XL box for 4. Here I got the pepperoni (with 5 kinds of pepperoni) and I had them add some jalepeno for a kick. The crust is nice and thin, with enough strength to hold up the monster size of the thing. It has decent flavor as well. The sauce is good, and excellent cheese. As for the 5 kinds of pepperoni... I couldn't tell... But it was all a little spicy and not overly salty. Over all an excellent slice! I recommend! And at $3.50 for essentially a meal who can refuse? 

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